Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Moral of Pink

DC and I both actually wore pink today, so you can all officially have heart attacks. :)

Actually, it's funny 'cos she wears pink once a week (?) or something for her club and I own two articles of pink clothing (and don't wear either), but it seemed like a bigger deal for her to wear it than it for me. Guess 'cos I have been changing my opinions of that whole range of colors over the past few months, and have even been wishing for a few more in the warmer range of things lately. Which, so far, has only resulted in my sporadic digging through my mess of clothes, looking for something that will work. At least twice during this ordeal I will run across one of the aforementioned pink articles that I don't like, stare at it dolefully, and go look somewhere else.

It did seem odd that after all my hew and cry and posturing on the subject over the past few years, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to this morning to put it on and go. I pondered this later and thought maybe the reason for the apparent contradiction in our reactions was that DC wears her weekly pink with rebellion in her heart. Whereas I have been gradually wearing more pink in my heart now for weeks.


I'll have you know I am sacrificing my dignity in writing that sentence, all for the sake of amusing you with my sense of humor. Feel honored.

And the moral of the story is...be careful with pink. Or only wear it in your heart, instead of rebellion. Keep your rebellion in your eyes, where it's useful. "You are never fully dressed without pink." (What?? That's not how it goes...)

Uh, DC? Help me out here?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

somewhere in the ordinary

It occured to me today: I am not always in a rapturous high. I am not always deeply solemn, or even achingly real, or 'true.'
I am not even always 'lyrical' or whimsical, or even funny.
Most of me lies somewhere in the ordinary.