Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Horrible and/or Funny

I ran over a squirrel on my bike yesterday. It was funny and horrible all at once. ...Mostly funny. Horribly funny, maybe. I suppose the most accurate explanation would be it was hilarious to me (he was okay), but there was a pedestrian near-by (one I had been trying to avoid hitting; thereby precipitating the hitting of the squirrel) and I thought maybe I should pause and show some concern for the poor creature instead of just riding on.

Which I really didn't mean to hit; I just thought he would move, but the poor thing panicked, I guess, and went right under my front wheel--making a little chittering/squeaking sound as he went under--and right up a tree a little behind me beside the trail. And then he was obviously fine so I just wanted to completely crack up. But there was the pedestrian jogging along a little behind me now; hence the slowing and demonstrating that I really had been concerned for the squirrel (I just knew he was okay already). Silliness, I'm fairly sure.

'Minds me of some commenting on another blog a few weeks back about finding the humor in the painful things in life; or the relationship between painful things and funny. Does this qualify? The squirrel would probably not appreciate my sense of humor on this.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Writing all that down (last post) made me feel better. So I thought I'd also write that in the last few days I have been reminded what a wonderful sister I have. She is beautiful. (I meant inside, although also on the outside, but she's also taken, so...Sorry. Actually, they both are, but I was thinking of my older sister.)

Ahem. She called me two days ago and left a voicemail asking about a song she heard on the radio and thought I might know...but all that's beside the point. The point is, when we did talk, I was reminded and it was reimpressed on me what a beautiful, wise, practical spirit she has--how she faces life and deals with it. I love her attitude and am proud to realize how good an attitude it is; what she's dealt with in life and how she's grown through it.

I remember when we were kids and she was the 'rebel' (of the two of us) and I was the 'obedient' one. I'm not sure anymore we're actually all that different--in a lot of our attitudes and personality--but we do seem to have opposite approaches to life--she's always been more willing to take action and be brave and I've always been more intent on obeying and thinking about things. Am I right? (She reads this blog sometimes; she can contradict me. But I think I'm right.)

I'm just glad to have her. Even if our conversations these days are sometimes few and far between, I'm glad to realize how good and loving and determined she is about life--how she is a lot of the things I've been reaching for in my own life; it's good to remember again I'm not the only one. That in fact many people desire and struggle for good things. (And all people desire them.)

If you read this :P
So there.
I love you.

A post -- Mostly confusion

[withdrawn while i think about how much of this is whining or just not particularly well thought-out, therefore, accurate. :) my apologies.]

Monday, May 15, 2006


I really do have like five posts sitting on this thing in draft form (no joke) and I keep trying to post them but I keep changing my mind because I'm not satisfied with them. And, plus, I have this searing headache that won't go away. Feel my pain and shut up. Or...just feel it. So I don't have to. Durn headache.

(I'm really not in a bad mood; I just wanted to post and since those other five won't cooperate, I thought I'd post anyway, because like I said, after all, I want to.

Oh, well.)