Monday, October 31, 2005

Time for

an obligatory halloween pun to make you hate me:
I'ma scare up some ghosts
Yes, it is my honor and duty to annoy you to the point of pain and agony (or at least death) with puns. It's a tough job but the pay is good.

I am, possibly, a little over-the-top silly today. Must be something to do with that whole sleep thing who needs it.

Gem of Wisdom

I have been saving this gem for weeks, maybe more than a month now and so, since I have little time to write and much I want to write about, I thought I'd pull this nugget of wisdom out of my treasure...pocket...and share it with you. A bit of stock postography, if you will. Oh, I'm so clever, clever indeed...


Lita's Gem of Wisdom for the Day:

"You look tired. You need to either sleep or knit an afghan, because creativity is good."

Yes, I actually said this, weeks ago, to DC; nevermind why. The depths of my wisdom are really too much for you to plumb.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

good things

There are some things that are just soothing, like a soft, thick balm to the mind; rough-textured and soothing...
the deep, soothing texture of cheesecake
the rustle of pencil against rough paper; soft grainy lines
sitting down alone on a bench swing; letting down your guard with God
a soft, thick-textured shirt
the intense, deep orange-red color of the same shirt
the quiet grainy sound of one of the songs on my computer

May the good things of the world go down to my very bones, o Lord. They are yours.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Metaphorical Philosophy

Tonight was so cool--so good that I don't even know what to say about it.

At one point, I was walking back down the street, the sky all glimmery-yellow and gold-like, musing about my place in God; accepting it and--not confusing his limitlessness with my own (ehem) lack thereof. I was sort of picturing the idea of myself small and--well--"simple" like a child or a pet, and I thought, "I'm just your little duck." Yeah. I know. Scary, isn't it? Actually my mind was grasping for images and went more like

kitten? (picturing my own)

The scary thing is I didn't even have to make any of this up. My brain is pretty--('hem)--amazing sometimes. I don't think I'm usually that girly in real Just a momentary weakness.

Come on, you know I had to. It was just too good to pass up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Funeral home ad:

Buy our 50% off, economy-size tomb and we'll throw in this duck for free.

Found this old email from someone who will remain nameless who also, conveniently, has no memory of it, either:

A special note for a special sister.  Pass this on to everyone you've ever meet or else a fly will attend your funeral in the future with a cricket and his pet cow and also you will get a duck.

It's all about the ducks*, isn't it?

The disturbing thing about all this is why would you want an economy-size tomb? 'Less you're planning to take a whole lot of people with you when you go?

Poor duck.

*No, I am not calling him a duck. Look under "Another Brick in the Wall."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Identity Issues

Yeah so I was messing around, trying to possibly form an apology or excuse to change the template--yet again; but then I thought, 'hey. this is my blog.' And if the people can't depend on me to disorient and confuse the average cybernaut who happens by and also happens to have happened by once before--then what, I ask you, can they depend on? There's got to be some stability in the world, I tell you. Yes, I'm very possibly schizophrenic.

strawberries and cream

Last night (and earlier this morning) I painted up the town and smushed it around like a strawberry and whipped cream waffle. It was quite good. So was the waffle.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well, he said, I'm back.

No, ok, so I am back and have been back (as in, around a computer) for several months, but I am indeed a bum and have not posted. Until now. (tun tun tun tun!)

I have been thinking some profound thoughts lately, on account of the fact I've been having a profound semester (no lie) or rather maybe I should say a profound and way-high-up (cos what's the opposite--"exalted"?) and some "padding-over-hard-rocks" that feels like a recurring theme especially the past ..month? and more and more punctuated by "tipping-over hilarious" which are sometimes like little sparklers but sometimes are much much bigger and always always good. semester. (Sorry, that was a weird sentence.)

Not like I feel that it is good all the time, but I know it. Not even like profound or any of those other...less profound...words up there--just somewhere in me, I know it, like dim gray text on some lovely and bright painting of feeling and color. The feeling and color are all great--sometimes they're fun and sometimes they're not. But either way the text is there; you just can't always see it. When the other things start to get all woozy and--well, disorienting--the text starts to show up a little more. Sometimes I have to dig around a little bit and find it, but it's always there. I guess maybe that's called "reason." Not the only reason I see in my head, but the one I have to go on, the one that just makes more sense to trust.

That to me has been the real gift of the semester, that when I walked trudging home one night feeling defeated and like I'd lost a whole night of wonder and fun (it'd been raining; people were "slip-and-sliding" around outside and I'd just come out of a solid four, five hours in the computer lab and now it was time to go in), in the middle of that something along the lines of "I don't know how it's going to work out (right now I almost don't even care); I don't know how it's going to work, but I know you are good " ...and you will take care of it/handle it--I don't really remember or know how best to represent the actual thought or whatever. But the part that stood out to me was "but I know you are good."

God has given me many gifts and really I'm not going to get into trying to categorize them in importance or whatever, but if I was--heh--if I had to pick one right now, that's the one I would pick. It was so much even more the gift because it didn't feel like it came from myself. I'm not getting into the whole does God speak words into your mind, etc; communicate in special ways, etc--all it felt like was like him enabling me--like he had gifted me with the good response, the good reaction and way of relating relation to him. We are good because he has made us; we are good because he is good. Somehow this still works with the power of choice, the ability for evil as well as good but we are made for good.