Sunday, May 08, 2005

An Afterthought

I realized after posting my impressions of "Kingdom of Heaven," that I probably was being too hard on them. After all, everyday life is not always about the hardest decisions and the stickiest situations. Those come now and then and test our mettle but they're not our whole lives, or we might die a whole lot earlier of heart failure. It doesn't change that those tend to be my favorite moments in a story, the times of testing; though they are not my favorite times in my own life. It's more often the results; when I've survived the storm, made my decision, etc, that I'm happy--if I passed the test.

Overall I thought the movie roughly enjoyable, though not without some troublesome flaws, as I already mentioned. And I am very thankful my friends took me out to dinner and a movie and made sure I had a good time for my birthday. :)

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