Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy..."Half a week"?

I've been back almost a week now; or really more like half a week, but the point being we're nearing the first weekend, and boy what a "half a week" it's been.

I mean yesterday, mostly. The days around it were fun, but yesterday--first day of class and...Sheesh. I'm just... Yeah, pretty blown away. (Yes, "whoa"; very Keanu Reeves.) The bulk of my classes are Mon/Wed, so all of them met; or "I met all of them" might be putting it a better way.

I knew someone in every. single. class. It was crazy. I don't mean I never know anyone, or that it's automatically bad when I don't. Last semester worked out pretty good... But this one's different. What I mean is I had a friend in all but one of my classes yesterday. One! And by "friend" I don't mean just "fun person I love to hang out with". We'll get to that later. No, I mean "someone I've been around long enough for that 'lived-in', used-to-eachother feeling". Some of them I don't even like!

All the time. Heh heh. (See? Gotcha. Heh eh... Ahem.)

That's very rare, and that's worth it.

Next time I'll have to tell you about the king of my classes.

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Sarah said...

It's so nice to have classes where you know people. There's nothing more disheartening than encountering a group of strangers at the door.