Monday, May 15, 2006


I really do have like five posts sitting on this thing in draft form (no joke) and I keep trying to post them but I keep changing my mind because I'm not satisfied with them. And, plus, I have this searing headache that won't go away. Feel my pain and shut up. Or...just feel it. So I don't have to. Durn headache.

(I'm really not in a bad mood; I just wanted to post and since those other five won't cooperate, I thought I'd post anyway, because like I said, after all, I want to.

Oh, well.)


Mike said...

I'm sorry you have a headache Lita. I hope you go ahead and post the drafts soon, cause I'm anxious to hear what you say.

Lita said...

Thanks; it's been a strange couple of days--I've been dead tired and sore and everything felt dramatic and impossible. I think it's just feeling bad and being alone for a couple of days spooked me. Things are clearing out now, though, and I have been feeling better.