Monday, May 28, 2007

Reaching the Fourth Level

I am working on moving an old project to a new medium in my spare time.

About the time I got out of high school and we all started seeing a lot less of each other, my sisters and I (with the judicious, or judicial, help of our brother) started The Chain Story, a ridiculous-or-deep and profoundly wacky tale we've spun from our own inspirations and the relentless urge to parody or allude to everything we love, hate, or happen to have pop into our heads at any given moment. We've often done silly projects together growing up; something I've always loved because, simply put, we crack me up and, as I keep telling people, endorphins are good for you.

So...yeah. It's pretty wacky or dry humor (not sure how those two go together) and not everybody likes it. Be forewarned if you venture over.

And now our little chain story, the definitive commentary on the human race (what I call it in my more judicial humble legal spin-doctor executive legislative Court of Appeals ..moments), is graduating to its fourth level (it's like the Matrix!)--from Word document to email to MSN and now to Blogger.

I don't know if Blogger or a standard website or some other format will end up being most useful, so any suggestions on that front are welcome (no matter how you feel about our humor). We'll see how things go.


Sarah said...

I've always thought that was a fun project, but a little too crazy for me. Thanks for putting it on the web so I can check it out any time I need to hurt my brain... :)

Kar said...

Yes, well, that's one of our goals: to provide a safe alternative to drugs.

Just kidding.

Su said...

Enjoying it so far, although I started reading it out of order and had to go back and start from the beginning.