Monday, October 08, 2007

Fun With Word Verification

I have been toying with the idea of setting up a post for a game with word verifications, so I'll leave a link to this post in the sidebar and see if either two of you are entertained by it as much as I am.

Basically, when you go to post a comment, put whatever word mumbo jumbo comes up in your post and make up a definition for it. Full points for not having to change the spelling of the word to fit your definition. ...Actually, I think new spellings should probably have a special category for creativity and running with an idea. But like they say on Whose Line, the points don't matter anyway; they're like powerful geese in the park that can break a man's arm with one of their wings...being chased by a four-year-old girl..


Joshua said...

Dear Friend

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Well I'm realy happy to have found YOU.

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May the LORD bless our HEARTS and fill them with PEACE AND MOTIVATION
to endure our Lives the best way we can.



Kar said...

Um, okay...I go first...after that really, really long comment above that I'm going to leave for now just because.

rcxmuqg - a mutant pug developed in a laboratory whose genes have been spliced with all kinds of interesting chemicals, like aripiprazole, brodificoum, and warfarin, bred to take on the Enemy - the nonmutant world.

Sarah said...

First I have to say that was a hilarious spam comment there. Good to know your word verification is working :).

ggkap: the noise made when a hyena sneezes.

Kar said...

Yeah, I thought it was hilarious timing, too. That is the *longest* comment I have ever received. It's too funny to delete, at least for now.

uakzf - a cross between a ukele and an accordian, with a xylophone thrown in. I'm not even really sure what a xylophone is, but there's some in there.

I wonder what you're supposed to say when a hyena sneezes. :)

Su said...

Probably, "Ewwww!!"

Also, I hope the pug didn't get too much warfarin. 'Cause my doctor assured me over and over again that that's not good for you.

uakjozgw: A little-know elephant subspecies. "What kind of elephant is that? African?" "Nope. It's an Uakjozgw elephant." "A what?" "Well, they don't get out much."

Kar said...

I thought warfarin was highly appropriate, considering what he was bred for. :) What is it, really?

Poor antisocial elephant. :) Trying to pronounce that, my mind keeps attempting to stick in "jigsaw". I don't know..

bedhfp - the sound a small child makes when they try to squeeze into their parents' bed by coming up through the blankets at the end to avoid detection. seldom works.

Kar said...

Huh - evidently I have to sign out to play my own game. That's actually very nice of Blogger; just funny for what I'm trying to do.

laxsf - Hmm.. Do I really want to go with what this makes me think of? Nah.. A slang term coined to save on lip movement by the very tired in the process of falling asleep. (ie "Why you so worried? You need to jus' 'laxsf..." (snore)