Tuesday, March 04, 2008

'We are still BFF'

I was working online, and found this blog too cute not to share--
We are still BFF, which contains words of wisdom on Sharpie graveyards. Have a look. :)

Found via another blog definitely worth looking into, Gloria in Africa.


Su said...

Hello? Hello?

Karla! What are you up to? How is the heat treating you? Are you in Waco for the summer? I think we need an update (however brief)!

Oxomsl: What consumers call the generic brand of Oxo cubes. "Did you get the Oxo cubes at the store?" "No, they were out... all they had was Oxomsls."

Yeah, that was a bit of a stretch.

Su said...

Okay, I know you are taking a break, but really. Have you vanished altogether?

Kar said...

Hey, Su; yeah, I guess Life has kind of attacked me lately. It's funny, I just started thinking of you randomly only a couple days ago and realized I'd fallen off on keeping up with your blog. Sorry about that! Going over to see what I've missed now...

I totally had a great one--"rumarnag" but Google/Blogger is being repressive.