Tuesday, November 15, 2005

But before I go,

I might as well take this time to direct you to a splendiferous concept. There are several really good organizational concepts employed in Gmail email which make dealing with my email just a way lot easier, for which reason I have had, and been enjoying, it since--whoa! Aug 04. I just checked. I thought it'd been maybe five months.

Here, let me sum up:

- More space - Gmail offers roughly 2600mb of space, "and counting", as they say on the site (when I joined it was "just" 2G). Hotmail offers 250mb--now. I think Yahoo's the same. That's a chunk, people!
- You can search instead of scrolling through pg by pg or folder by folder. (That takes a long time, in case you didn't know.) It's not completely perfect, but it still turns a 20 minute search into a 2 second one.
- It has no folders. I didn't get this at first but have since discovered the joys of "labeling" emails rather than manually sticking them in different folders and then having to rearrange and forget where you put stuff. This is one of those such-a-great-idea-why-didn't-I-think-of-that things. End result, you can group folders in multiple categories, pull up everything in one category, jump over to another, or back out and see everything at once if you need to. :)!!!

So that's my (humble? uninformed?) perspective. It is still in Beta form, I think, but it's been over a year now and I've had no real problems with it, though that might depend on your OS.

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Sarah said...

I really like gmail too. I've had it for less time but whenever I use my yahoo account again I am blown away by how slow and pathetic it is.