Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You more "with-it" intersurfers may have already heard of these people but I was just looking today at something called WordPress. I've had the link on my 'puter for--I don't even know--ages, but I found it again recently and today I went and had a look around. Bottom of the page is this lovely little scrap of text, so light and un-attention-grabbing at first you might not even notice it's there:
Code is poetry.
Isn't it amazing that poetry can take so many odd and different, unexpected twists and turns? Even the bare-looking scrolls of plain text programmers use that in most of our world's way of thinking seems the farthest thing possible from poetry, or art, or beauty.


Saru Namii said...

"Twist and shout, rescue rangers."

--a twisted song quote for you. :D

Lita said...

er...thanks. ;)

Cris said...


I haven't commented or written back for a while, but I just finished updating myself on your blog by reading all the posts you've added since the one about summer vacation. It sounds like you have been allowing yourself to finally have some answers about life and God.... I can't tell you just how happy I am for you. It sounds like things are going alot better for you than when we were rooming together, and I am so glad to hear it! I pray for you all the time... Gizmo asks about you sometimes.... Ok, not really, but after a few romance novels and lots and lots of time spent crocheting, a person can imagine anything happening, right? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that everything on the "mainstream" side of things is going really well, and I've loved getting notes from you. It means alot.

Love always,