Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dear little blog,

I have been thinking of you an awful lot lately. Only I'm so busy with this stupid thing called "Life" and "homework", and "fun issues to work through"--and "crazy in the head and and don't know why", and...and other stuff. God's amazing, isn't he? I almost said "crazy" but I think I meant "crazy-good." Really. Totally and completely. Whether or not I nearly said it, it's the truth. Most amazing person I ever met. Heh.

To whomever may be concerned, please don't mistake this for disrespect. I certainly don't think God is my "pal" or "this guy" that I hang out with. But I am starting to think he's like a stern, affectionate, wise father who has the grace to laugh at his kids sometimes--even if he has to pull out the paddle sometimes--get in their faces and such. Whoever thinks Jesus is only meek and gentle and diplomatic and soothing all the time, I respectfully suggest you go back and read through the gospels--like when he throws everybody out of the temple--rather forcefully, I believe. Or when he gives what sounds an awful lot like a fire-and-brimstone tirade to the spiritual leaders of the community. And yet in between and on either side of this you'll find his tireless--no, tired!--compassion and grief for those he loves. Which would be us. It's not clear but I believe he weeps openly in public more than once. He's no hate preacher but he's sure no pushover, either. That's why I like him. You can trust that kind of honesty, I think. Forthright. I really like that word and it is exactly right for him.

I am certainly no "expert". I have not studied this for years is all I mean. I'm still working this out for myself. But I think it's ok for me to say these things right now. You could even tell me what you thought. (What an idea, eh? ;))

Peace out, everybody.

I really do hope to post again pretty soon. I just don't know. Things'a been crazy, y'know?

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Sarah said...

I do believe Jesus is forthright. That is a good word for him...