Friday, December 30, 2005


I was going to write Tuesday that I was sick and glad of it. And I am, though it seems ironic after the headlong way I approa-- well, charged the last semester. This is the one time I have been actually physically sick this fall. On the other hand, I'm never sick, so what does that tell ya?

Though, honestly, this has seemed more of a grace from God, because it encouraged me and continued to encourage me to take it easy for a while. So, since Sunday night onwards, I have been laying in bed, singing loudly to the radio (my voice still basically works), re-reading bits of Howl's Moving Castle, switching between about 5 different radio stations and singing some more, and generally enjoying the pleasures of being able to lock myself up in my temporary room with radio, books, paper, pen, cds, smuggled food, microwave, and heater when I need it. It's been fun.

Although, at this point, on the illness side of things, I'm starting to think, enough already...? My head's a little tired of echoing strangely if I blow my nose or sniff mightily without afterwards yawning to pop my ears. Great fun, kids. But it's been worth it. Yay for somebody who's a lot smarter than me.

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