Friday, March 23, 2007

The Way of the Force

The way me and my sis have it figured is this: in the first movie, Luke's whiny; in the second, he's just about right; in the third, he's stuffy. Kinda like the three bears. Huh.

But Han's just "eh" in the first movie and in the second, downright--well, basically, if I were Leia I'd take a blaster to him. And then in the third--well, the end of the second and on--he gets some sense and is even kind of sweet. So yeah, I guess if you take it like the righteous man who ends bad vs the bad man who ends righteous, Han's (marginally) better.

Wait, no he's not. He's only sort of sweet for brief moments in the third, and you have to be a bit more grown-up than I am was in high school--when I most loved Star Wars--to appreciate that, and anyway, that's not enough to make up for a lifetime of cocky "I-really-want-you-to-shoot-me"-ness.

Anyway, R2 still wins.


Sarah said...

Well we all knew R2 was the best.

Su said...

Yes, he is.

And (to answer your question) I haven't had enough sleep in a couple of weeks, actually. I've been reading things badly for a few days now... so, um, I don't know. I'm a moron.

Mark said...

Interestingly, Han is always proportionately cooler than Luke. I'm fairly certain that this is indisputable.

Su said...

Leia has the best hair, though.

Lita said...

Well, she definitely gets points for originality. And for always making me hungry. And you are not a moron. I quit speaking English when I'm really tired. It's quite funny, actually.

Oh, and Mark--you're wrong. Luke is astronomically cooler than Han. Always will be. Not making people want to kill you always makes you astronomically cooler. Plus, he's a good guy.