Friday, December 01, 2006


Tonight I'm going to go sit outside in what will probably be 20 degree weather (if not colder) and sing under bright cold stars and be cold and talk about things that encourage and inspire me with people who do the same.

But we'll sleep indoors. Which will be good.


Cris said...


Are you on facebook?
How are you? Email me sometime or get on IM!!! I want to catch up :)

Su said...

You are one brave woman. You didn't freeze, did you?

Lita said...

heh; we actually weren't outside more than 30 minutes, which was different from last year. It was a lot of fun, though.

Last yr we did more walking around outside which I like, but when I get sleepy my balance gets fairly precarious.

Su said...

My brother was actually very upset that I have no pictures of my impaled finger, and he even went so far as to suggest that I should have unhooked the needle from the machine, cut the threads, and then pulled out the camera to save myself the trouble of carrying around a sewing machine. I told him he is welcome to try it at any time.

Su said...

I think he was kidding-- these comments are SO not going to make sense to anyone else-- but the great thing about my brother is that I can never be sure. He seemed to have a very well-thought-out plan, I must say. So, perhaps the next time (that is to say, first time) he uses a sewing machine he will sew his finger in it on purpose, just to get a picture. And I must admit, I have contemplated keeping a camera close by the next time I sew as well, because goodness knows I might just be clumsy enough to do it again.

Sarah said...

Miss your writing!