Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And Now For Something Really Random

Hey, guess what?
If they say it's not microwaveable,

...turns out, they mean it.
This bowl was round.

This has been a public service announcement by the Explosives-and-Microwaves Committee.

It won't blow up your microwave.

But it will turn a round bowl triangular and smash it up against the plastic cover you placed over it in a kind of melted-plastic kiss of death.

If only I'd gotten a picture of that.

Thank you.


Su said...

Did you have any food in it? And, if so, was it still edible?

Sarah said...

Thank you for the tip.
I would not have eaten the contents, myself.

Lita said...

It was my rice for the day; I was going to have some for breakfast, too, but I was in a rush and put it in for 1:20! 40 seconds will do it, and had never hurt the bowl bf. It was pretty fried. No breakfast for me! :]

I did think the fact that it made it triangular was pretty awesome.

The only sad part is my mom gave it to me, it was a good bowl, and if she knew I'd been microwaving in it and ruined it... ;(