Thursday, April 26, 2007

That reminds me,

I heard two art jokes last night and I wanted to share. If you don't get them, just look really thoughtful and distant for a long time and then smile knowingly.

How many Dadaists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Now the other is even more fun (to me), so you have to guess.
How many Surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?

The answer -
Three. Two to screw in the lightbulb and one to put out the flaming giraffe.

So it's random, but I thought it was funny. (Maybe I like flaming giraffes.) Thanks for humoring me.

If you don't care about art history, stop reading now. To respond to what you said, Susan (assuming you're still reading), one theory on the name "dada" is that it is a (French?) word for little toy, a stuffed dog or something. There are many theories, though. The point of the movement (and name, I believe) was largely to be nonsensical and attack the war (wwI, I think), which became attack anything establishmentarian. It's funny because I just read all of this last night while I was working on my art history. Strange movement.


Cris said...

Answer: infinite- the light bulb melts before you can plug it in

Kar said...

heheh; nope. good answer, though.

Su said...

I've got nothing. Although there is an episode of The West Wing in which C.J. refers to the father of Dadaism as "The da-da of Dada." But I did try the smiling and looking distant thing, and it seems to have worked for me.

Su said...

So you're saying, a flaming giraffe merits less attention than a lightbulb from three Surrealists?

I was still reading. :) Thanks for sharing. Now I will have to go look up Dadaism, 'cause you got me all curious. By the way, why are people antidisestablishmentarian? I get people being disestablishmentarian, but why complicate your life by sticking "anti" at the front of all that? Why not just be establishmentarian, if that's what you feel like? Yeah, so I just wanted to type all those words in a blog comment.

I finally changed your name from "Lita" to "Kar" in my link list, but you almost went in as "Jar" because I hit the wrong key.

Long comment. Sorry. I'll be quiet now and give someone else a chance.

Kar said...

You know, I don't know anything about antidisestablishmentarian...ism, but it does sound like they were trying to one-up the disestablis... Aw, you know. Typing those words may look good, but it's exhausting. Why, my mind could wander through three topics during that time!

Kar said...

You typed so much to respond to! Flaming giraffes only merit less attention when the lightbulb keeps melting through your fingers. That's why it really takes two Surrealists to screw in the lightbulb. That third guy's just keeping the distractions down.


Su said...

Ahhh. That explains it.