Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Funeral home ad:

Buy our 50% off, economy-size tomb and we'll throw in this duck for free.

Found this old email from someone who will remain nameless who also, conveniently, has no memory of it, either:

A special note for a special sister.  Pass this on to everyone you've ever meet or else a fly will attend your funeral in the future with a cricket and his pet cow and also you will get a duck.

It's all about the ducks*, isn't it?

The disturbing thing about all this is why would you want an economy-size tomb? 'Less you're planning to take a whole lot of people with you when you go?

Poor duck.

*No, I am not calling him a duck. Look under "Another Brick in the Wall."


Saru Namii said...

I don't want to remain nameless!!!

Lita said...

Well, too bad, I gave it away! You don't rate a name anymore here--we're on a budget. If you want profit, you gotta produce!

Anyway, you can be the little bottom-right of the 'e'--you know the little bottom right curvey bit on the 'e' in "Collective"? I think we can squeeze you in there.

Anonymous said...

You site have something special. I like.

Lita said...

Well, thanks! :)

Mark said...

Wait, did you just call me a duck?

Saru Namii said...

Yay for ducks!

Lita said...

Mark: Ye--wait--

Anyway, Saru's right; ducks are cool; you should check out our friend Karate--she just rocks. Wai--n--i was just kidding--no wait-- (*page explodes as the mouse clicks down*)

Yeah, so from now on I'm linking you with the word "duck." Ever heard of google bombing? (wahaha)

In fact you are all witness to the fact that I already have ducks on the brain today and will tell you all about it later (maybe).

Mark said...

First you call me a duck, now you're threatening to Googlebomb me? O tempora, o mores.