Monday, October 31, 2005

Gem of Wisdom

I have been saving this gem for weeks, maybe more than a month now and so, since I have little time to write and much I want to write about, I thought I'd pull this nugget of wisdom out of my treasure...pocket...and share it with you. A bit of stock postography, if you will. Oh, I'm so clever, clever indeed...


Lita's Gem of Wisdom for the Day:

"You look tired. You need to either sleep or knit an afghan, because creativity is good."

Yes, I actually said this, weeks ago, to DC; nevermind why. The depths of my wisdom are really too much for you to plumb.


Sarah said...

No I understand it. When you're tired you either need to refresh your body by sleeping or your brain by doing something creative. It's completely true!

Lita said...

Yeah, that was what was so weird--last semester I was really sleep-deprived all the time, and yet a couple of times I did something for fun, like read or played--for like two hours or something (!)--and I came out of it feeling almost like I'd had a six-hour sleep or something!

Nice to see you. :D