Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Hairy Eyeball

I don't know if this is original to my family or not, but my dad has a unique expression for the squinty-eyed glare people get sometimes when they're angry or suspicious. You know, the "you're going to pay for that" look. Kinda like what Clint Eastwood does sometimes in his movies, though maybe that was just all that dust in his eyes.

Yeah, my dad calls that the hairy eyeball. (You know--'cos of your eyelashes.)

I have fairly long lashes, but they go from brown to blond pretty quick, so about half of them aren't visible without mascara. Even when I put mascara on, I rarely like to darken them all the way.

Today I did, for fun, and you know what? The only thing scarier than the hairy eyeball is the mascarily hairy eyeball.

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