Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Difference

There is a wasteland of difference between where I am now and where I was back then. Even if I see now that things really are the same, that I am still who I always was and so is everybody else--that we really are all still people and this really is all still the real world-- even if all this is so, I can't deny the difference. I can't deny the wasteland.

And why have to? Why pretend none of this in-between never happened? Because it did, too--just as real in its way (even in its 'abnormal' and distorted thinking, forcing the world into distorted shapes and wrong thinking) as all the 'outside' reality of the outside world and other people's minds and thoughts--the shared 'collective' thinking of a whole race of humanity whose strength is not just in our individual thinking but in our willingness to share our thinking, and lean on each others' now and then, when our own gets tired or is showing itself faulty or just, yeah...tired. They're not that different, really.

And after all what's the point of a blind spot if you can...see it? Duh. That's what other humans are for, right?

*sigh.* Okay...

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